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Please note: Epilog is by no means usable - its not even ready for testing yet! If you're interested in helping, by all means download the source, but don't expect anything to work yet! A download will be released when the code is usable.

Project Description
Epilog is short for "Epic Blog" and that's exactly what this project aims to be!

I plan to use it for my personal blog but encourage others to join in with the project and use it themselves.

The key features will be:
  • Use the latest technologies (MVC4 and SQL 2012 at time of writing)
  • Provide a base to be built upon. On its own, Epilog will be a simple blog; placed inside an MVC project, Epilog can be a powerful tool!
  • HTML5 and CSS3 compliant
  • Posts stored and edited as Markdown for efficiency! Markdown is small on data and quick to type.
  • Media (images) upload and search facility
  • Search blog entries
  • Tag posts and media
  • NO theme engine - it is designed for fitting inside an MVC project - layout files and partial views will be used for theming.
  • MS membership provider for authentication

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